Arts and Letters
Paula Page/Cassandra Murphy
Budget and Finance*
Jacqueline East/Casheila Heath
Community Free Clinic 
Rondell Acoff/Demetrius Bellamy

Community Projects
Kathryn Moore/Mishawn Jackson

Conferences & Conventions
​Kim Johnson

​Crystal Ball

Jessica Spencer

Delta Academy 
Lacendra Knightnor

Delta Chorus/Music
Paula Page

Delta GEMS
Zarifa Jones/Kristel Kirkland

Joy Booker/Crystal Hunt

Emergency Response Team (ERT)
Arnetha Shipman/Maribel Beckwith
Founders Day
Paula Battle

Crystal Hunt

Heritage and Archives
Sheila Chawlk

Hospitality Remembrance
Kim Johnson

Hospitality Repast
​Terri Best

Hospitality Services
Gladys M. Clarke/Kathleen Brown

​​Internal Audit*
Tiffanie Smith

​​​Internal Communications*
Arva Davidson/Quanda Griffin

May Week
Sonya Knox

Membership Services
Kimberly Brothers/Felise Bond

Nominating Chair*
Maribel Beckwith

Nominating Committee Members*
Golden Bethune-Hill, Kellie Mason
, Cassandra Murphy

Pan-Hellenic Representative
Paula Battle

Policies & Procedures/ROO
Sheila Patrick/Joyce Melvin-Jones

Program Planning and Development (PP&D) Chair
​Quanda Griffin

PP&D Economic Development
Tiffanie Smith

PP&D Education Development
Jerome Chambers/Quanda Griffin

PP&D Physical & Mental Health
Nanette Graham/Arlene Ashe

PP&D International Awareness
Tammy Ishmael/Nermina Tihic

Charitable Partners
Ronnette Langhorne

Sharon Griffin

Protocol and Traditions
Paula Battle

Public Relations/Journalist
Tiffany Johnson

Risk Management
Jerome Chambers

Ritual and Ceremonies

Quanda Griffin

Step Team/Dancing Deltas
Marquita Ardrey

Social Action 
Giselle Russell/Dawn James-Taylor/Evie Woods

Ways and Means

Webmaster/Information Technology
Casheila Heath/Michelle Jackson-Simons

​*elected positions